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The Eight Points of Covey

Eight Points

We sat facing one another in the living room at my in laws the day after Christmas. It is a part of their tradition to take turns passing out gifts and watching as each person opens theirs before moving on to the next recipient. It’s a welcomed change from our “all hands in” scramble to the last gift opened with a flurry of discarded paper flying off in every direction often leaving a hidden gift until it’s over and cleanup has begun.

Near the end of opening the tree, Kyle’s mom stood and reached under the tree for two small gifts.  She brought one to Kyle and one to his older brother, Kevin. I watched quietly as they both opened and waited to see what they had received.  Kyle held up his gift. It was a small wooden picture frame holding a piece of paper with a man’s profile in the top right corner and type face filling the rest of the space.   Mimi shared how Kyle had the same script in original handwriting of his grandfather taped to his wall when he was staying at home during college.  Stories about their grandfather filled the room as we listened to memories and shared in familiar laughter and love.

When Kyle handed me the frame the first thing I noticed was the striking resemblance between them.  Kyle’s grandfather seemed to have the same twinkle in his eye and smile on his face that I get to wake up to each and every morning. At the top of the frame it read,

The Eight Points by Tom Covey, Jr 

below it read the following:

1. Don’t contradict people even if you are right.

2. Don’t be rude to your inferiors in social positions.

3. Don’t repeat gossip even if it does interest a crowd.

4. Don’t underrate anything because you don’t possess it.

5. Learn to hide your aches and pains under a pleasant smile.

6. Don’t believe that everybody in the world is happier than you.

7. Don’t be inquisitive about the affairs of even your most intimate friends.

8. Learn to attend to your own business.  This is a very important points.

Each of the points began to resonate in my mind as I pictured Kyle and his family quietly following this points throughout the time that I’ve gotten to know them.  I marvel at their grace and the way in which they carry themselves in every situation life brings their way.   I would love to be able to say that I have gotten to the point in my life that I am able to quietly follow each of these points almost by habit but I still need a lot of practice. This simple reminder to living a life of grace is a welcomed one and will serve as a gentle reminder of the person I always hope to be.

  • Saving starts a little like this – A New Family

    52It’s funny how one day you can be looking at something and the next day it has taken a hold of you and demanded that you stand up and do something. In just a few days time after seeing a savings plan on facebook, we have assembled a “think tank” of sorts, an online group and are sharing ideas, supporting one other’s endeavors, and growing our own savings accounts.  We are unofficially known as The Savings Group on facebook with currently a lucky number thirteen member list and always welcoming more.

    The plan goes a little like this. There are fifty-two weeks in a year and for each week you put the dollar value of that number week of the calendar in a savings account with the year ending roughly with $1300, twelve months later.  It’s been decades since I’ve even thought of having a savings so that is a windfall of its own.  We’re on week one, J-1, so some of us have put $1 in a savings account while others have elected to turn the plan upside down and start with putting $52 into  their account the first week. So after one turn of a week each of our lucky thirteen group is a little bit richer and already seeing a little bit of magic that comes out to play when two or more individuals come together with a similar passion and mission in life.

    Brilliant ideas start to flow, logic takes a front row seat, and motivation joins people together that may not otherwise have had a common interest.  Here’s some of the brilliance that has already shone on The Savings Group.

    1. Turn the plan upside down so that you start with $52.00 and finish with a final deposit of $1.00

    2. Put your money in a box in your house instead of a savings account so you’re not tempted to use your debit card  and spend it on a whim when you’re out and about.

    3. Join forces as a husband and wife team with two savings account and double your money at the end of the year.

    4. One of my favorites, take 52 envelopes writing the number week on each and once you place the dollar amount into it, seal it and stash it away.

    We’ve only just started saving as a group but somehow it feels like we’ve already started turning the tide. If you’d like to start saving, join us.  Just search up The Saving Group on facebook and ask to join.