Is there good in the world? – A Little Lift

be the goodIf you have ever really doubted that our world is essentially good, I urge you to take a closer look.  It’s not perfect, not even close, but somewhere in the chaos, cacophony of  unexpected upsets and even trauma, there is always something or someone carrying exactly what may be needed to make sense of it all. It’s just a matter of being open to the discovery of light even on the darkest of days.  I share this with you not as a sheltered child who has been shielded from misery and mayhem but as someone who has walked through some of the darkest tunnels life could build and emerged each time with a renewed sense of faith and hope that in order to truly know good and be able to seize it with your heart you must first know what is not.

It’s always in the moment that I think I have seen or experienced it all that a new experience lands on my doorstep waiting to be acknowledged, accepted, and assimilated into my life. When this happens my heart undoubtedly always answers first with a warm and welcoming, “come on in.” It’s not until somewhere on page 107 that my mind finally catches up and a voice of reason settles in for the duration of the story.  Each new experience brings with it a way in which I’ve never quite looked at the world before, offering a fresh perspective to something I may not have even known existed. Always the adventurer and risk taker, I jump in with both feet submerging myself in the experience allowing it to wash over every pour of my being while quietly it joins the new part of the person I continue to become.

Just as my voice of reason catches up and my brain chimes in on what may no longer be considered safe or achievable my heart becomes heavy with wonder if I will be ever be able to give what the experience truly needed from me. In that time of doubt and worry, when the bright light of hope and possibility begins to diminish and turn to fret or despair, is when  good begins to knock on my door. Quietly at first, a faint whisper, just letting me know it has arrived, becoming more and more pronounced as it realizes the need for its presence grows and beckons that it come to my rescue. The good shows up in many sizes, shapes, and forms. It often arrives as a acquaintance, stranger, or colleague who I may only have had a few passing words with at the most. Sometimes it will show up early in the struggle and stay late into the ninth inning and then other times it will arrive in a flash, give help where it is needed, and leave as quickly as it came. No matter what form good decides to take or how it is delivered, I always know  it when I see it. It’s unmistakable. Il feel it, believe it and lean on it even though I’ve tried my hardest to go at it alone.

The good is all around us. It’s in family, friends, neighbors, and mostly in strangers. It’s there for our peace of mind, a leg up for us to reach new heights, and a bed to fall back on when we’ve overspent our welcome. Good has no demands, and offers no threats, it’s only purpose is to serve so that other good may flourish and spread its will in new places and lands. When you find yourself believing it doesn’t exist, it’s only a figment of one’s imagination, open your heart and your eyes and look out your own window without expectation or preconceived notion of what form it may take.  Allow yourself to be willing to accept it as it was always meant to be, a gift.

  • Beginning to Live – A New Family

    Ruby and KyleCould you possibly know the way you make me feel inside?  I pinched myself after you left this morning. I pulled my hot cup of tea in closer to my chest and smiled at the tingles you left behind. It’s getting harder and harder to let you go each morning, knowing that  our days are numbered even if we live well into our eighties.

    You’ve taught me what it truly means to be able to trust in another, leaning on you when I’m feeling weak and uncertain.  I’ve felt your body against mine when you’re wondering, trying to chart our next best move and it feels wonderful. I’ve always embraced adventure and change in my life, without thought of risk or fear, but somehow now that you’re next to me the idea of embarking on a new one seems more than magical. Everything is possible now that I’m with you. Nothing is out of my reach. I just need to decide which of my dreams that I’ve been dreaming do I want to come true first.

    I used to dream about becoming a writer, traveling the world sharing stories and feelings about my experiences. I used to dream about living on a farm, keeping animals and a garden, spending my hours outside. I used to dream about not feeling lonely when I kissed the girls goodnight.  I had grown used to curling up with my laptop in bed, writing my woes away and reaching for a book when I needed company late at night. I had just come to that incredible place when you realize that you don’t need someone else next to you in order to survive. Then I met you, the very next moment, and I began to realize that when you meet someone that loves you with no condition or expectation and you find yourself loving them back in the same way, that is when you begin to live not only survive.


  • It’s the Energy Inside of Us All – The Psychic, The Healer, & Me

    Shorts Sands York Beach, ME

    Fun-O-Rama York Beach, ME

    Something inside of us feels a little bit charged, energized when we come face to face with the possibility of knowing a little bit more about our future. Most of us want to believe that there is something bigger than ourselves, whether or not we do is a whole other question. It’s nothing new, we’ve always had an unquenchable thirst for the answers to our woes or a hand in helping to make tough life decisions. Mediums have been around since we first began to communicate, we accept their presence in literature, film, and for entertainment purposes but when it comes to the question, “Do I believe?” We lose a lot of us in the translation of what that means exactly.

    I’m quickly realizing that a large part of telling Anne Donnell’s story as a healer and medium is helping to explain in the most simplest terms how what she does is even possible. We spent some time last weekend over the phone and via texts discussing which scientific foundations are involved when Anne receives messages from the other side. How is it that she is able to communicate with individuals who have passed recently or even hundreds of years ago to deliver accurate, meaningful information, which may help people sort out happenings in their life.  I had recently finished reading the New Earth by Eckhert Tolle and found myself halfway through the Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. The latter was recommended to me by my son, not a light read by any means but it struck a chord with him because it put forth scientific answers to questions we had been bantering about for years.

    In the simplest terms, both books spoke to the idea that life equals energy, energy is constantly moving and connected, and so are we. The issue is that even in its simplest terms, its not such an easy concept to grab a hold of. My mind began spinning off in the direction of quantum psychics, protons, neutrons, and electronics while Anne continued to share how important it is that we explain the science behind her being able to receive messages from another dimension and deliver them to the individuals they are intended for. As I listened to her talk about energy and what a higher vibration looks like in matter as opposed to a slower one, I finally felt as I was getting it. The challenging part was to then be able to organize and communicate her ideas and words with clarity and purpose so others who considered themselves to be nonbelievers would have a new way and perspective of looking at her work with an objective and opened, scientific eye.

    The task of what Anne was asking me to do in the story of her life suddenly became even more intriguing and thought provoking.  I wondered if I was up to the challenge of not only connecting Anne’s story and work to people all over the world but to also planting a seed that the work  she does in receiving messages and healing individuals could  actually be scientifically based? I’ve been set on this path and for whatever reason that may be, I’ve decided to dig my heels in and stay a while. My thoughts and feelings towards writing Anne’s story, creating a book about her life and how she became a medium and healer have evolved to a place I never imagined they could go. I’m excited to be working with her and discovering new ways in which to introduce and explain the work that she does. Its infectious nature has already created a buzz of its own around me and I’m excited to watch it grow and become what it was always meant to be. And who knows? I might just learn a little bit more science along the way.Einsteins way of looking at the world...