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A Little Lift – Writing to Live

A Little Lift like most things in my life happened by chance, a serendipitous moment that clearly stands out in my mind even though  it occurred nearly four years ago.  Life hit me, and it hit me hard.  I was in the process of losing a business that I had built and believed was well on its way to becoming a legacy for my children, a husband who declared our marriage was never going to change and if I didn’t like it I could leave, and no prospects for employment in a field I had left ten years earlier to be a stay at home mom.

To say I was overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and fearful is an understatement.  I used to imagine myself as an onion who had been peeled raw with no layers left to peel.  I felt washed up, helpless, and unable to get out of my own way.  A mother of three, feeling as though a second failed marriage was inevitable, with no viable job offerings on the horizon, I fell back on the one thing that had been a constant in my life.  I began to write.  I can’t recall the rationalization that took place to put the first post on facebook, other than I love marketing and getting the word out almost as much as writing, but there I was in September of 2010, beginning to share my personal thoughts with the world.

I’m still writing, somewhat daily.  My life has evolved and no longer resembles the hot mess that it did those few years ago,and for that I am thankful.  The first book is published and available on Amazon as well as numerous other online retailers and I have my first speaking engagement and book signing this coming April.  The moments and people that led up to this extraordinary change of events in my life have been miraculously preserved in A Little Lift on facebook and three additional books now moving through the arduous publishing process.

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