A New Family

Jumping in…

I use writing to help process new adventures, changes, and stages in my life.  With that said, when I met Kyle a year and a half ago, I kept it to myself.  I had sworn off dating and had just landed at a comfortable sweet spot with myself and three children that was more than enough to make me happy and feel content.  Then out of nowhere I was blind sided by a chance encounter with someone who would change the entire course of my life and that of my children.

Kyle and I quickly realized that we had been given a gift and as our instant friendship blossomed into a deeper level of trust and appreciation we were soon talking about blending our two families when hardly any of the world knew we were even dating.  He had found me through my writing, just one town over in Maine we had never bumped into one another. Time quickly cemented our feelings and as we introduced our children and discovered an amazing synergy between us all, Kyle hinted about me writing about our new unit as I had with the rest of my life.  I shrugged it off at first, it felt different.  It was a wondrous, magical time, that I puppy guarded wanting to protect and cherish as my very own.  This went against everything I had ever done in the past, but seemed right in the moment.

Little by little, experiences were shared, ties were bound, and trust was built between all of us and I began alluding to our relationship on A Little Lift.   A year later we decided we would be married and combine our families into a A New Family, and the rest is history.  Shortly there after Kyle and I decided that it was time to share our story, and A New Family on facebook was born.  I’m not sure where it will lead or if it will ever become published in book form but for now it is a wonderful collection of images and memories, a gratitude journal for us to reflect and appreciate all that we have.  In time I will be moving the facebook pages for A Little Lift and A New Family to this blog in one convenient location but until I figure out how to do that, we invite you to meet our new family.  Click Here!

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