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I'm an open book.

I'm an open book.

I’m an open book, I always have been.  When I was a child, I hadn’t mastered the art of reigning it in and was often considered a “tell all”, the worst secret keeper ever, and someone to share news with if you wanted it to spread like wildfire.  As I grew up, words seemed to get in my way.  They came out at the most inappropriate of times and never seemed to know when to stay inside the vault and wait for the right moment to escape my mouth.  Somehow life has a way of leading you down the right path even when it is far from obvious.

I graduated from Business School and quickly landed a job in marketing.  From there my gift of getting the word out seemed a natural fit and I quickly climbed up the ladder in the corporate world, acquiring titles of Director of Marketing and later Director of Business Development.  Writing was omnipresent in my career as I was charged with creating content for websites, newsletters, radio scripts, email campaigns, press releases, and lectures on marketing and getting the word out.  Eventually I discovered my entrepreneur gene, and now five businesses under my belt with numerous start up involvements, I am once again at the threshold of starting something new.

Writing has always been an escape for me, filled journals and diaries occupy my shelves and now a published book later, it seems that I have found where I always belong, at my laptop writing.  Ironically through my darkest spots in life, I chose to share my writings publicly on facebook and they have now traveled around the world and developed a following of their own.  If I had tried to set off in my twenties to get to this place that I am, I can’t say that I would have been able to imagine and identify the steps needed to get here, doing something I love, writing about what’s most important to me, life in general.

God only knows where I’m headed from here, and admittedly it doesn’t seem to matter so much. My heart has never felt this full and although at times I might miss my corporate salary I wouldn’t trade my current earnings if it meant I couldn’t be writing at SeaStar Farm surrounded by the people I love most.

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