Letting Go of everything but Love – The Psychic, The Healer, & Me

As  I crouched down and sat on her rug, I felt immediately at ease. It had been weeks since we last met and there was much to share. She pulled two large pillows across the room and created a chair against the wall, I felt good just being off my feet. The last time we met we had talked about my new book cover for A Little Lift.Final Book Cover I had decided to change the image of the starfish to a picture I had taken of myself and the girls at the beach trying to rescue hundreds of starfish that had washed up on Short Sands. I caught her up on the obstacles I had encountered getting the book cover formatted and loaded onto my publisher’s server and I sighed heavy. Writing seemed to be the farthest from my focal point that it could be these past few months.

She crossed her legs and smiled across the room at me. It seemed as though as we became settled in her office the weight of the world lifted from both of our shoulders. I smiled back at her. I had been rambling incessantly and slowly I allowed myself to come back to the present moment, a precious time shared between a writer and a medium. She asked me what had been going on with me and why I looked so heavy. I shared the burdens we all carry and then some that are mine alone. As I spoke, my body and mind lightened and my shoulders seemed to rise as if on their own. The words streamed out riding their own wave of consciousness just as the air lets out of a balloon after the party is over. We are all running on fumes in all directions at one time, it seems to have become our way of life. Our children’s schedules mandate dinner time, family time, and available slots for vacations and weekenders. I thought I had been managing all of it, I believed that I was in control of it all. Then little by little my body began giving me hints that I needed to slow it down and change things up but I refused to listen and kicked it into over drive.

The parts of me that were hit hardest by a diet filled with sugar, dairy, and gluten had had enough and began to stop working the way they were designed to function and operate within the human body. My spleen, kidney, liver, and adrenal glands had become so inflamed that I no longer had any energy even when I tried pushing myself, I began to get dizzy and nauseous, my eyes felt as though they weighed a thousand pounds, I would become short of breath climbing the stairs, and worst of all I would wake up each morning feeling as though I hadn’t slept for weeks. It wasn’t the first time I had felt like this but this was one of the worst times. In the past I visited my doctor and blood was taken and tests were ordered. Each time  the results came back anemic and irregular blood cells. It was determined that I didn’t have cancer, lupus, lyme, celiac, or anything else for that matter. I was somewhat relieved as anyone would be but being anemic isn’t a disease, it’s a symptom of something causing it.

I had been referred to a holistic healer over a year ago but on the day that I was supposed to meet with him, my appendix ruptured and I was hospitalized to have it removed. After getting home from the hospital and resting a week or so I gradually began to feel better and put the visit with the alternative doctor on the shelf. Some months later my symptoms returned, frustrated I decided to investigate on my own and turned to the internet. I know, I can hear you loud and clear. That was one of my worst decisions yet but I will never forget turning on my laptop and seeing an ad for Blue Tree Reiki. That is when I first discovered Anne Donnell. When we met for the first time I found the courage to ask her if I was going to be okay, I hadn’t yet been tested for cancer, it had only just been brought up as a consideration. I remember her gentle, calm reply, “You are going to be fine, there is something going on with your digestion track, it doesn’t like what you’ve been feeding it.”

Months later at a medium circle at my home, SeaStar Farm, she turned randomly to me and said, “Jen, enough with the sugar and dairy. It’s killing you. They want you to stop putting that chocolate stuff on everything you eat.” I turned to Kyle and smiled. I had recently discovered Nutella and not only spread it on toast, fruit, and rice cakes at home, but I brought in a second jar to have at work for snacks. I was drinking four to six cups of tea a day adding 2 teaspoons of sugar to each cup, cooking with sugar in places it didn’t belong, ordering dessert often, making sweets at home, buying doughnuts to go with my coffee at work, and never once giving it a second thought. This went on for months, years, even decades of my life and little by little my spleen, kidney, liver, and adrenal glands started slowing down. My blood production would decrease, my energy supply would empty, and my adrenaline to suck it up and go ceased to exist.

Somewhere in the middle of this downward spiral with my health I had two separate bouts with kidney stones. A trip to the emergency room, plenty of morphine, and a cat scan revealed that I had a stash of stones that could come down any time that they chose. Anne had told me on separate occasions without having any knowledge of my symptoms or what I had been experiencing on and off since 2011 that I needed to cut the sugar and dairy out of my diet. I failed to connect my diet or lack of one to anything I was experiencing physically. Until my body refused to let me ignore it any longer and just after Thanksgiving this year when it felt as though a bomb had dropped into my life, changing the way I would look at food forever.

Exhausted, hopeless, and scared to death, I listened one night as Kyle whispered that maybe I should think about contacting the holistic doctor that our friends had referred to us over a year ago. As I lay in bed next to him, facing away with tears in my eyes I nodded silently, letting go of the notion that I was in total control and whatever was happening to me would pass. The next day I found his number and called him. He listened as I explained what my body was refusing to do and how the state I had accepted might be forever was limiting my life. He gave me a few directions, no caffeine before the exam, do not brush my tongue, and do not come in on an empty stomach. He also asked me to fill out a questionnaire and bring it with me on my first visit. Like a soldier who had reluctantly surrendered, I nodded over the phone with each request, realizing that I had succumbed to something much greater than I could ever possibly be.

Three weeks since my first visit have passed. I have reluctantly accepted that I have been addicted to sugar for most of my life and the effects of it almost brought my life to a halt as I knew it. Pounds have poured off me as I have quit sugar, dairy, and gluten cold turkey. I shop differently, I eat differently, and I react differently to food that I encounter throughout my day. I am slowly feeling more like my old self. My diet, the choices I make every moment of what I willingly put in my body, has received a total face lift, and my thoughts about what’s most important have moved to the forefront of my thinking and feeling each and every minute. I hadn’t shared any of this with Anne and the moment I first said hello to her in the parking lot, my eyes filled with tears and she immediately dropped her bags and wrapped her arms around me and said, “lets go inside.”

I have been given an incredible wake up call. My organs will recover, my blood levels will rise, my bowel movements will no longer resemble Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Fall, and my energy and drive will return to do the things and be the person I was always meant to be. As soon as I had caught her up on everything in between, we sat back. The twinkle in my eye returned and the spark that ignites when we are together seemed to be burning bright. We shifted our conversation away from my health towards the future and working together as a writer and a medium. She shared the dynamic connections she has been making with other healers in her work and how thankful she was to have landed in the place where she is. The hairs on my arms raised as she shared their names, they are women that I had met years ago and live not far from my home. We talked about how she had first discovered my book and the strong feeling she had that it was somehow going to join us all together in our work and our individual growth as humans.

We wrapped up our two hour session this morning with specific goals and ideas to move forward with our current projects for 2016. Excitedly, we checked our calendars and confirmed that we were hosting two special groups in January, a fourth medium circle on the 14th and a new group intended for women who are separated, divorced, or even contemplating make the huge life decision on the 21st. It was from reading my book that Anne first felt connected to me and my story of surviving not only one but two divorces. It’s from my sharing with her about my marriage now, and the incredible man that somehow found me out of nowhere that she continues to have hope for her own life and meeting someone in the future. I shared with her that I have a close friend going through a separation. It’s hard to watch but even harder to know someone is settling and living a life that is unhealthy and without love. When I was texting with my friend late one night I surprised myself with one of my responses. I had sent her the message that Love isn’t a four letter word, it’s something we are all deserving of no matter where our journey has brought us or the choices we have made. Love is a need like food, water, and shelter, not just an accessory some of us get to wear if we are lucky.

I think going through what I have for the past five years with my health and the stress I’ve endured with two divorces, a failed business, a father who committed suicide, and a childhood that sent me in a tail spin has been a gift. It is a gift that I must open and fully embrace so that I no longer live in fear of what people may think or say about how I choose to live. I can no longer make decisions about who I’ve always wanted to be by listening to others or guessing what the world wants from me. We’ve all been programmed with the knowledge of what makes the most sense for us, we just need to slow down and listen. This gift has inspired me to do just that, for myself, my husband, and my children. Also, I’ve decided to share so that others fighting the same fight might know that they are not alone, and they are definitely not a head case. They just need to be their own advocate and find the answers that make the most sense.

Working with Anne over the past year has helped me and given me the push I needed to believe in myself and know that I am just as deserving of love as anyone else and lucky for me it just happened to show up three years ago when I had resigned myself to the fact that it didn’t exist. I’m looking forward to sharing this chapter of my life with all of you, now that I have found love from another and also I am beginning to know what it feels like to love myself. As one of the greatest artists ever penned, “All we need is love.”



  • Connecting with Spirit- A Busy Mom’s Guide to the Other Side


    Norman RockwellMy first encounter with a Ouija Board came after I had moved to Maine in high school.  I was at a sleep over and someone pulled it out from their overnight bag.  I remember a handful of us sitting around in our pajamas listening to a local legend about a woman named Mary.I had my doubts that we would be able to communicate with her. Even as the story became more unbelievable, goosebumps formed and the hairs raised on both of my arms. The thought of connecting with a ghost from a scary urban legend was bone chilling and not something I wanted to do. As we drew in closer and placed our finger tips on the disc, I remember wanting to take control of the situation. As a question was asked, I applied slight pressure and tried to direct the disc’s movement. The girl sitting next to me was applying more pressure.I could feel her elbow move against my side.

    The board was debunked when the girls across from us caught on to our struggle of control and we moved on to something else. Over the next few years the Ouija Board appeared in numerous movies, mostly scary ones, and always presented with a horrifying outcome. I had quietly decided to give the board some space and never really thought of it much after my years in school. Last week we received a question from a reader wanting to know if connecting to spirit with Ouija Boards was dangerous. I had written them off as being a child’s game and was surprised to read Anne’s answer.  This week’s questions to Anne, medium and psychic healer, all deal with the issue of people being able to connect with the other side and more specifically loved ones who have passed on as spirits. It always comes down to whether or not you are doing so out of fear or love.

    photography by Sandy Pampel Hamel

    photography by Sandy Pampel Hamel

    Lynn from Londonderry reached out to A Busy Mom’s Guide to the Other Side with three questions. She is a new mom of a beautiful little girl.

    Q. Are Ouija Boards dangerous, do they really work for connecting with spirit?

    A. Generally speaking, any divination tool, this includes, but not limited to Ouija, pendulum, tarot… are safe Just remember, whenever you are connecting with spirit or unseen energies, you always want to approach it with the intention of connecting with positive energy,respect, and a sense of responsibility.When you open yourself up to spirit, it is possible to connect with vibrations of lower levels, which generally manifest from fear. It’s important to know that our own will and positive intent is a powerful source within us that is much stronger than that of anything of a negative energy or lower energy.

    Yes Lynn, it is possible to connect with spirit through the use of a Ouija board. But, always set the intention before you connect with spirit to connect only with positive energy that is alignment with your highest. You can say this out loud or silently to yourself.

    Have fun with any divination tool, just do it responsibly.

    B. Do babies see spirits?

    A: Yes, babies absolutely see spirit. Being so close to the other side, since just incarnating  in a human body, their senses are full and awareness unfiltered. We can learn a lot from our children if we are open to all that they have to give us.

    A Busy Mom’s Guide to the Other Side was born from the need to know more about ourselves and the connections we make with others and what happens when our loved ones pass. Do they leave us for good? Do they venture to the Other Side and if so can we really reconnect with them? Do you have a question for Anne about the Other Side or a loved one who has passed? Send me a private message on facebook, Jennifer Ellen Parker, or sign in below and it will remain private until Anne answers it. We will post your question and answer using only your first name and town that you live in. Anne will answer questions in order that we receive them.We hope that this blog/post will find you well and help to answer some questions that you may have about the Other Side.

    Best Wishes for a safe and love filled journey,

    Anne Donnell & Jennifer Ellen Parker

    To find out more about Anne or book a private appointment please visit her facebook page.



  • 1111, 222, 333 – A Busy Mom’s Guide to the Other Side

    Even the busiest of us moms get that nagging feeling pulling at our gut sometimes. Some people call it mother’s intuition, but I’ve learned that it’s bigger than myself and that I need to listen it to it when it shows up, no matter how busy I think I am.  Not too long ago I was standing in the shower one morning letting the hot steam and water engulf me when I had the thought that I needed a mentor to help make sense of it all for me. Not even days later I happened upon a facebook post from Blue Tree Reiki sharing that it was having a medium circle in York. I went, I met Anne Donnell,medium and psychic. A quick series of encounters and happenings followed and now I’m on a path I never once imagined. After having her clear the energy of our farm, hosting three of our own medium circles with her at SeaStar Farm, and deciding to write her story into a book, and now starting a new blog – The Busy Mom’s Guide to the Other Side with Anne Donnell, I’m convinced that it was fate’s hand that put us together. A Busy Mom’s Guide to the Other Side is our precursor to her story I am writing which will eventually be published as a book when we have found the time to make it happen.

    Photography by Sandy Pampel Hamel

    Photography by Sandy Pampel Hamel

    A Busy Mom’s Guide to the Other Side is just what it sounds like. A quick question and answer guide to getting to know the spirit world and how we may connect to it when we can barely take care of life and our families. We are busy moms trying to do our best for ourselves and our families while maintaining a certain amount of sanity. So while I sit here at my kitchen island writing, pretending the dishes aren’t piled up or the gardens don’t need weeding, I’m excited to post our very first Q & A for the Busy Mom’s Guide to the Other Side, featuring psychic and medium, Anne Donnell.  And just so you know the first question comes from me, Jen from Maine, about something that started happening to me when I was busier as a mom of three young children. If you have a question about the other side or something in your life that needs clarification send me a private message on facebook – Jennifer Ellen Parker, or leave a comment below and Anne will answer it for you. We will do our best to answer your questions in the order they are received.

    Q: Why do I keep seeing repeating numbers?  Jen – South Berwick, Maine


    1111 first started showing up for me in my early twenties. Whenever I would look up at a clock while changing diapers, helping with homework, or even driving a car it would either be 11:11 or 1:11. This has continued into my forties but since that first few months of seeing all ones, even on license plates or  storefronts, I have also begun seeing other patterns of repeating numbers like 222, 333, 444, 555….. I actually thought I was losing my mind at first or that I was suffering from lack of sleep as a mom of three and new business owner.  The more I questioned it, the more the numbers would appear. Finally the numbers got the best of me and I searched on the internet and found a mountain of information and individuals offering answers to why these numbers were showing up in my life. They each seem to have specific meanings that you can relate to what is happening at the time that you spot them.  For busy moms everywhere I wanted Anne to give us a quick gut check of why these repeating number patterns can show up unexpectedly in our lives and if we should pay them any attention.

    photography by Sandy Pampel Hamel

    photography by Sandy Pampel Hamel

    A. If you are seeing repeating numbers; 1111, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555…Spirit is trying to get your attention, it’s a good thing, about a situation or a person in your life.  It’s a call, an invitation, for you to start tapping into your own knowing and intuition. The numbers are a way for Spirit to remind you and help you remember that everything you need to know already exists inside of you. You just have to start trusting in yourself, in Spirit, and allow yourself to open up to the Universe.               – Anne Donnell (click Anne’s name to visit her page at Blue Tree Reiki & Psychic Energy Works)

    A Busy Mom’s Guide to the Other Side was born from the need to know more about ourselves and the connections we make with others and what happens when our loved ones pass. Do they leave us for good? Do they venture to the Other Side and if so can we really reconnect with them? Do you have a question for Anne about the Other Side or a loved one who has passed? Send me a private message on facebook, Jennifer Ellen Parker, or sign in below and it will remain private until Anne answers it. We will post your question and answer using only your first name and town that you live in. Anne will answer questions in order that we receive them. We hope that this blog/post will find you well and help to answer some questions that you may have about the Other Side.

    Best Wishes for a safe and love filled journey,

    Anne Donnell & Jennifer Ellen Parker

  • Messages from Beyond – The Psychic, The Healer, and Me

    annedonnellAs Anne closed her eyes and we waited for her to begin, Jack circled around the room, stopping to rub against a leg or rest on someone’s lap. He paused for a while in front of Anne and peered up at her as if he knew more than we did. Then he lay his orange tabby body down on the hooked rug stretched out in front of her and she began. She kept her eyes lowered, the room was quiet except for the soft purr coming from Jack’s throat. It was the last of three circles that were hosted at SeaStar Farm on Witchtrot Road.  Although each circle was unique in its own way, they shared commonalities. Ann began each circle with a brief sharing of how she began to receive messages from spirit and images as a psychic.

    As each circle began Anne reassured each of us that she was asking for positive information to be passed on, only that which came from a place of love.  She asked that as she began receiving messages that if the information resonated with someone that they speak up from where they were sitting and say, “I can take that.” In each of the three circles a message always seemed to begin with a spirit’s name or description of their physical presence, or something they were connected to. When I attended my first circle with Anne, it was my grandfather who wore a fishing hat and was tall and lanky. His name had an R sound. I waited to take it like most because his first name was Walter. Not until she added that he drove a truck, which he did for a living, did I allow myself to remember that my family often referred to him as “Roscoe” by his middle name. Finally I spoke up and said, “I can take it.” In each of the circles hosted at our farm, the process of delivering messages from spirit seemed to take a similar form.

    My most memorable moment from hosting Anne at our home came not during the circle but after it had ended. It was late by the time everyone had finished sharing and processing what had just occurred during the circle in our  kitchen. The house had just begun to settle when my daughter who had asked to sit in on the circle to watch approached me.  She had waited till it was just her and I and spoke softly to me as I finished the dishes in the sink. “Mum it was nothing like I imagined it would be. Anne was incredibly kind and caring. I can’t believe how deeply she touched some of the people, some of them started crying when they were connected to family they had lost.” I smiled at her. It’s hard for me sometimes to remember that my children have not lived my entire life with me, they haven’t stored each of my experiences and memories inside as they would their own. There is a part of me that they don’t know. I nodded and shared that I remembered feeling the same when I experienced connecting to spirit for the first time. She pulled on my sleeve and added, “Mum, everything that Anne said came from a place of love. I felt it.”

    I couldn’t help but smile. I’ve been aware that I am surrounded by spirit since I was a teenager. My aunt brought me to a medium when I had just begun high school somewhere in Massachusetts and introduced me to the idea that there was more to this world than most are willing to open up to.  Shortly after my sister gave me the book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior written by Dan Millman. It created an unyielding desire to learn and know more about my own spirit and how and why I seemed to connect to people in the way I do.  I have kept my own spiritual journey somewhat private knowing that it may still be considered unorthodox by most, it rarely takes place in a church or follow any rigid dogma. It has simply unfolded through people I’ve met, books I’ve read, places I’ve traveled, and experiences I have had when I find myself most open to life and all it has to offer. I’ve wanted the same for my children and have not tried to push my ideas and beliefs about God and our connectedness on them.

    I gave Anna a tight squeeze and began turning off the kitchen lights.  Anna followed me as I did and shared again what Anne had told her about Meg, our Jack Russell we had lost when we moved to the farm.  Anna and Kyle had witnessed Meg being hit by a car and it was the first loss of someone she loved that had shaken her world. It took her months to recover and I hadn’t realized exactly how long her grief stayed with her until that night. Without even knowing it, Anne had brought my daughter and I closer in an incredibly intimate moment which allowed me to see deeper into my daughter’s being than I normally would get the opportunity to. The connection Anne made between Anna and Meg allowed for some well needed healing and sharing of memories that we had let become silent after a year of grieving her loss.

    As I watched people take part in the circles whom I knew well and those that I had only known of, I realized that most had come to the circle with a specific purpose or need. Many had wanted to reconnect with a love one who had passed, others sought out the knowledge that a strife or conflict would be coming to an end, and a few seemed to come to prove that spirit couldn’t possibly deliver messages from beyond through Anne. My son seemed to be one of the people who was determined to debunk once and for all the idea that we could and we do connect with loved ones who have moved on to the after life. I sat across the room from him, feeling his energy as he witnessed the unfolding of Anne’s words and others being able to take them and receive messages about their past, present, and future. My eyes fell on him when individuals reached for the roll of toilet paper to wipe away tears as deep connections were being made and memories resurfaced.  My son sat quietly and respectfully as he waited for someone to reach out to him.  His turn came last, or nearly last. A man with a pipe came through, no one he could identify. He shook his head no, he couldn’t take the information she was giving him. She took his hand and began rattling off some familiar questions about his life. Did he just change his sheets, buy lots of peanut butter, was he having trouble with his gums, did he spend a lot of time at his computer. I giggled from my chair. Each of Anne’s questions had hit head on and were pertinent to Aaron’s life. He continued to shake her off as if she wasn’t getting anything right. I looked at Kyle and smiled, he smiled back.  Aaron had just asked us if there were clean sheets he could put on his bed, when he came home from college he had shared that he had purchased a lot of peanut butter because it was cheap and the cafeteria food was horrible, and he has incredibly soft teeth and has struggled with keeping plaque free for most of his life. He crossed his arms and shrugged his shoulders. When she finished trying to build connections between Aaron and spirit he quietly said thank you and she ended the circle for the evening.

    unnamed (3)More than twenty people came to the circles at our home during the past two months. Many of which were touched deeply by Anne’s words and the messages she received for them. Some seemed entertained and thankful for the experience but still left with a bit of doubt and uncertainty.  My connection to spirit deepened and I became ever more reassured that we are all connected in this experience we call life and everything we need to move forward on our journeys is and always has been available to us.  The dots seem to be laid out in front of us waiting to be connected. We all know the feeling that resonates when things finally begin falling into place and life just feels right, a dot has been connected and we are ready for the next leg of our journey.  Anne has become a part of my life in a series of unexpected dots being connected and for that I am incredibly blessed and grateful. I hope that by opening up our home and hosting circles with Anne that I have been a part of a few other dots being connected for friends, family, and new acquaintances. It’s been an incredible experience to take part in and I hope it’s only the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

    If you would like to know more please feel free to post a question or message me privately. I would love to connect and share experiences and wonder a bit out loud. If you would like to get in touch with Anne I’ve included her information below.

    Blue Tree Reiki & Psychic Energy Works

    207-337-2559/ bluetree143@gmail.com


  • It’s the Energy Inside of Us All – The Psychic, The Healer, & Me

    Shorts Sands York Beach, ME

    Fun-O-Rama York Beach, ME

    Something inside of us feels a little bit charged, energized when we come face to face with the possibility of knowing a little bit more about our future. Most of us want to believe that there is something bigger than ourselves, whether or not we do is a whole other question. It’s nothing new, we’ve always had an unquenchable thirst for the answers to our woes or a hand in helping to make tough life decisions. Mediums have been around since we first began to communicate, we accept their presence in literature, film, and for entertainment purposes but when it comes to the question, “Do I believe?” We lose a lot of us in the translation of what that means exactly.

    I’m quickly realizing that a large part of telling Anne Donnell’s story as a healer and medium is helping to explain in the most simplest terms how what she does is even possible. We spent some time last weekend over the phone and via texts discussing which scientific foundations are involved when Anne receives messages from the other side. How is it that she is able to communicate with individuals who have passed recently or even hundreds of years ago to deliver accurate, meaningful information, which may help people sort out happenings in their life.  I had recently finished reading the New Earth by Eckhert Tolle and found myself halfway through the Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. The latter was recommended to me by my son, not a light read by any means but it struck a chord with him because it put forth scientific answers to questions we had been bantering about for years.

    In the simplest terms, both books spoke to the idea that life equals energy, energy is constantly moving and connected, and so are we. The issue is that even in its simplest terms, its not such an easy concept to grab a hold of. My mind began spinning off in the direction of quantum psychics, protons, neutrons, and electronics while Anne continued to share how important it is that we explain the science behind her being able to receive messages from another dimension and deliver them to the individuals they are intended for. As I listened to her talk about energy and what a higher vibration looks like in matter as opposed to a slower one, I finally felt as I was getting it. The challenging part was to then be able to organize and communicate her ideas and words with clarity and purpose so others who considered themselves to be nonbelievers would have a new way and perspective of looking at her work with an objective and opened, scientific eye.

    The task of what Anne was asking me to do in the story of her life suddenly became even more intriguing and thought provoking.  I wondered if I was up to the challenge of not only connecting Anne’s story and work to people all over the world but to also planting a seed that the work  she does in receiving messages and healing individuals could  actually be scientifically based? I’ve been set on this path and for whatever reason that may be, I’ve decided to dig my heels in and stay a while. My thoughts and feelings towards writing Anne’s story, creating a book about her life and how she became a medium and healer have evolved to a place I never imagined they could go. I’m excited to be working with her and discovering new ways in which to introduce and explain the work that she does. Its infectious nature has already created a buzz of its own around me and I’m excited to watch it grow and become what it was always meant to be. And who knows? I might just learn a little bit more science along the way.Einsteins way of looking at the world...




  • It’s Easy to Fear What We Can’t See – The Psychic, The Healer, & Me

    I pulled into the small parking lot in York, Maine and turned off my ignition.  My pulse quickened in anticipation of the new journey I was about to begin as a writer.  I noticed the tall snowbanks covered with dirt and debris as the warm Spring sun beat down on them.  I was early, I was always early, something my mom had ingrained in me from a very young age. The building looked dark and empty but I went to the front door anyways to see if someone was there. I reached for the knob but it wouldn’t turn, ten minutes till we were supposed to meet so I ventured back to my car. The sun felt warm and comforting, my body seemed to relax in the waiting and I almost forget what I was about to embark on.

    There was a quick tap on the passenger window and I looked up. Anne bent over and smiled in to let me know she had arrived. I smiled back and thought to myself, “I can do this.” There was nothing really left to fear, I had met Anne on three previous occasions and had grown a certain level of trust with her. This wasn’t going to be the first book I had  written and published and I had been going to psychics, mediums, and healers since I was a teenager, yet there it sat securely inside of me, fear.  It’s been sitting with me for as long as I can remember, a fear of the unknown, a.k.a. a pit lodged somewhere between my throat and stomach depending on the day.  I’ve let it sabotage many things throughout my life; job promotions, a relationship in Vermont, businesses, and friendships.  I know it all too well and even at my strongest times in life I somehow allow it to take a hold of me. I pushed the pit down further and grabbed my laptop. After I locked my car, I caught up to Anne and stepped through the door to her office. You could say this is where our adventure truly began.

    Anne Donnell - Blue Tree Reiki

    Anne Donnell – Blue Tree Reiki

    We climbed the beautiful wooden center staircase and entered her space where she holds medium circles, reiki sessions, and psychic readings.  I slipped off my sneakers and hung my coat on a hook to the right of the door.  The room was small but bright and accented with pillows, crystals, and an antique table with two chairs. It was a typical space you might expect in a quintessential old  New England building, quaint and charming. I placed my laptop on the table  and let my eyes wander the room for an outlet, Anne noticed and quickly pointed one out. I slowly sat in the seat with my back towards the door and opened the cover of my laptop thinking silently through the notes I had made about the book we were about to write and how it might be organized and brought to life. Anne spoke as we settled into the room and from that first word came an uncontrollable stream of conversation, questions, and goosebumps.

    I occasionally stopped typing notes for the book and looked up at Anne. Her words often provoked deeper thought and stroke such an uncanny chord with something or someone I had experienced in the past that I needed to remind myself of where I was and what we were trying to accomplish. Inevitably as we allowed our conversation to move through uncharted territories we came upon little tidbits of serendipity and synchronicity. These moments were filled with an electric charge that delivered an endless supply of energy. My mind worked busily as the time moved forward picking up random pieces of newly learned information and tried to begin to wind them together. My mind wanted the outline of the book finished by the time our meeting that day had ended.  I had sent her a text a few days earlier asking her what she wanted the theme song of her book to be. She had replied with various moments in her life that led up to her becoming a medium and psychic. When I explained to her that I needed something much broader, a universal emotion or life challenge, she paused and went inside.  I asked her if she had ever watched Ally McBeal. Ally had a theme song that played whenever she found herself in a similar life situation that challenged her. She nodded and her eyes twinkled, it was a good show. I quickly blurted, “Fear is my theme, or at least trying to overcome it.”My example of fear being my theme  then led us on an all encompassing conversation of what fear is and how it can both motivate and cripple us in our human experiences.

    What struck me most was our discussion of working together on this project, creating the story of Anne Donnell, Psychic & Medium, and how it could be impacted by fear if we allowed it. Fear has existed since the beginning of time. We seem to fear the things we cannot see and certainly cannot understand. We fear change and differences, whether they are positive or not. Perhaps more than anything else we fear uncertainty and  the inability to control our own destinies. Maybe that is what brought me to Anne at a time and place in my life that I least expected it. Anne voiced that in some circles her profession is still considered taboo, something that few are willing to discuss in public. I tilted my head and questioned if I felt that if that were still true in the year 2015. I answered with confirmation that in the time of Salem Witch Trials, fear ran rampant and fueled the hysterical outcries of witchery and dealings with the devil.  Then I wondered, would some consider it taboo for me to be writing and blogging about a psychic and medium in our day and time? Would I be judged for openly sharing experiences, testimonials, and feelings evoked from time spent lifting the veil to the other side as it is often referred? Even more importantly would I allow the fear of what others may think and say block me from moving forward in writing Anne’s story?  Would this project turn into a modern day witch trial of its own? I let my ego spin for just or second or two before reason returned and reminded me of what matters most in life.

    Anne reached across the table for a small velvet bag and a gray cotton clothed book. She gestured for me to pick from the bag. I knew immediately what they were, Rune Stones. I had been introduced to them in high school by a counselor.  I reached in and let my fingers fall upon the first one they came to. I laid it carefully on the table in front of me and accepted the book from Anne as she sat across from me.Blue Tree Reiki

    The rune that I had chosen was Inguz and represented fertility. I quickly made a joke that Kyle and I were shut out from the world of fertility, another baby was out of the question. Anne smiled and motioned for me to read.  I lowered my eyes on the page and slowly but steadily began to lift the words from their places on the paper up into the air. This is what they had to say,

    “This rune allows us to spread our energy out far and wide. It is a protective rune mainly for the protection of our homes. To use Inguz effectively we must learn to build up our powers over time and then release the power all at once.”

    As if the bag of Runes had been sitting patiently listening to our banter and discovery of our newly found relationship, it spoke up with determined intention that we were in the right place at the right time and had no other choice but to move forward in sharing Anne’s remarkable story both in blog posts and also in a book, or perhaps a series of books.

  • A Shift in Perspective – The Psychic, The Healer, & Me

    Q. What did you want to be when you were a little kid?

    A. “Ha…I”m laughing…I always wanted to be a clown, like a professional clown. No joke!

    clown_B26X1491When I was younger, I remember clowns representing cleverness and a certain mystique.  They also made people laugh and smile…Which if I think about it now, was very healing. I always talked about how serious a job it was to be a clown too…LOL! I was always drawn to their painted faces.  I think it transformed them to be whomever they chose to be..And that was so fascinating to me.  But, if I think about clowns now, they creep me out.  Ha! But back in the 70’s clowns were just cool…And fascinating, at least to me anyway…Wow…I haven’t thought about that in a while ”  Anne Donnell, Psychic & Healer

    After Anne had responded to my request of writing her story, it came to me that since we were both working mothers with crazy schedules that we would have to devise a system to gather the spine of the book in a way which was unobtrusive into each of our daily lives. At first we thought that it might be Anne emailing me specific points she wanted to cover and somewhat like Medillia’s Lament, I would paint around her thoughts and create her story.  In just a day or two it became apparent that the approach might not be the best option so again in the shower one morning it came to me that what we needed was a simple, clean platform for a question and answer series.  Within a few hours we knew that sending quick snippets back and forth via texts would be our best bet.

    The seeds of our journeys are planted long before we become young adults, maybe before we even take our first few steps, but somehow in the great scheme of things everything is connected, even when it doesn’t appear to be so.  When I asked Anne what she wanted to be when she was a little kid I was wondering out loud if she had even an inkling that one day she would wake up into a new life, way of living, and be set off on a spiritual path of connecting and healing those who wanted to become something they knew they might be. When I was a little girl I had many dreams; I wanted to be a teacher, a lawyer, part of a family that didn’t hurt, and a writer.  I wanted to write books and travel the world speaking about them, sharing my stories. And then there were times that I wanted to get married and be a mom.  As I read Anne’s reply of wanting to be a clown it made me stop and wonder. How could something that seemed to frighten many appeal to what I’m sure must have been a young, spirited, and giving child?92b3883f96b39daa955df3f585fc692d.1000x750x1

    I let the question ferment and seep into the deepest valleys of my mind. It’s possible. Each of us have our likes and dislikes and a certain way of seeing the world as it is. We are in different places at different times and our perceptions seem to reflect the vision of our situations and experiences. What is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, just one of the many cliches I was fortunate to grow up with.  Anne painted a beautiful memory of her childhood based upon the classic occupation of making people smile and helping them to laugh for a bit and at the same time bringing them some immeasurable amount of joy. I on the other hand, could only muster up the horrifying image of Pennywise from Stephen King’s It.  To be able to write about Anne’s childhood I knew that I needed to let go of my deviant perception of clowns and investigate a more loving vision of what so many have grown to adore about them over the past centuries.

    1a2942593c6de1f631daea3efa728a24It’s usually somewhere in the middle that we happen upon balance and discover a  feeling that is safe and comfortable allowing most of us to live a life we value and deem worthy.  With just a simple shift in either direction you can start to see a different version of what may be before you and how someone can possibly treasure what you once only assumed to be trash.  I have a feeling that in getting to know Anne’s story and writing her book, a lot of my perceptions will be shifting a little to the left or right and hopefully a few of you will be right there beside me as it happens.

    To contact Anne Donnell and or find out more about booking a reading or a healing, click on over to Blue Tree Reiki!