Medillia’s Lament

It’s seen better days.

It’s been almost a year and a half since Jody first contacted me.  The story itself is another serendipitous moment in my life that seems to have brought me to where I am today.  Jody is a screenwriter, an amazing one at that.  He has been writing for nearly twenty years with numerous scripts under his belt screaming to be discovered and made into movies.  On any given week you can find Jody sipping coffee downtown, Portsmouth perched in front of a window banging out a new screenplay or revising one of his older ones for the millionth time.  While Jody was typing out dialogue, I was writing the story of my life in A Little Lift, both unaware of the other.

Jody began thinking out of the box about his screenplays and had the idea of having someone write one into a novel before it was made into a movie. A novel approach at best but it was worth a shot.  He began searching on the internet for local writers to interview to see if they could transform the screenplay into the novel as he envisioned it and if they would be willing to or had the time.  Somehow he came upon my name and reached out to my email address.

Long story short we connected, met and decided to forge ahead in uncharted territory for both of us.  He was new to collaboration on writing, and I was knew to expanding on someone’s else work, releasing all control of creativity.  As we began speaking and working together we began to unravel a serious of coincidences that were more than just amusing.  When Jody first told his wife that he had found a writer for Medillia’s Lament, she said my name sounded familiar.  Minutes later she disappeared and returned carrying a copy of my first published book,  A Little Lift – Writing to Live.  Days later we finally began putting all the pieces together, Jody’s wife is in a book group with a teacher from the school I work at.  The principal of our school had handed the teacher a copy of my book and shared she thought she might like it.  The teacher did and chose it as her book for the group to read the following month.

That teacher later became a close friend of mine and I work in her classroom with her today.  When I began dating Kyle, we soon uncovered that he had gone to school with Jody, and of course the connections continue as we move forward.  I’ve been writing on and off for over a year now and as time has been sparse at best, I’m still engaged and inspired to move forward!  The excerpts that I share with all of you are pieces of what I have written and don’t include Jody’s masterful script, that will be saved to be devoured when the novel is finally finished and in print.

For now, just another chapter in my life, excited this one includes so much writing. To catch up on all posts in Medillia’s Lament – Click Here!



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