Who Cares?

Lately, it seems that I’ve been happening upon really interesting people in incredibly cool places.  I often get the feeling that I want to share the experience with the world and help spread the news that there are so many that actually still care!  The thought of capturing these moments, people, and places and blogging about them came to me while I was mucking out one of our stalls after a trip to Just The Thing in Dover, NH.  I’m convinced that there is still a little bit of magic left in our world and if we all just give it some attention it will begin to grow and spread like wildfire!  So…on that note I’ve decided to start chronicling the good that I come across in my daily life and collect the stories here on a page called, “Who Cares?”.  Please feel free to add your own stories or happenings as well.  You can add them in the comment box or if they are longer email them to me and I’ll post on the page.

To begin finding out who cares in this world of ours click here!

Just the Thing, Dover NH

Just the Thing, Dover NH

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